Skills to get you hired in 2016

Skills to get you hired in 2016

Skills to get you hired in 2016

In an age when technological growth is the highest and every industry is getting highly digitised, tech. skills are of primary importance if you wish to get hired. Acquiring the right set of technical skills is crucial regardless of your industry or job title.

The top ten skills which can boost your resume and currently in demand by various recruiters around the world are:

IT architecture

Expertise in IT Architecture is required by a host of companies as more and more projects are technology-driven. A large variety of specialists come under this field, ranging from cloud architects to enterprise architects. Professionals who have moved from strong technical positions to more managerial roles would be given preference as they would have the capability to lead teams. A mix of technical skills and business acumen is high in demand.

Programming/application development

Programmers, coders and application developers are the ones who make most products and websites work. Even some cars come off the assembly line today with a million lines of code. Knowledge of HTML and more robust languages such as JAVA will make your resume quite attractive. Younger generations are being repeatedly urged to learn coding by CEOs of big companies.

Project management

With the technological boom, coupled with bigger budgets to pursue new innovations, there are more projects. And more projects call for more project managers. This skill is an old one in the book, but now, implementation needs to be faster and more efficient. Companies need managers who can deal with diverse teams, having the capability of negotiating expectations, deliverables, scope and priorities with various stakeholders. Your resume will fare better if you have management skills with specialisation in a particular sector, such as healthcare management or automobile management.

Data Administration

There are mounds of big data piling up such as user data, marketing data, sales leads and customer behaviour data among others, with apps and websites using data in order to drive business. Companies need someone to interpret, manage and package that data. Professionals need to understand how to interpret the available data visually, in a meaningful manner, so that one can understand what exact information the pile of data is providing. Database Administrators will be more in demand this year, and companies would prefer someone with knowledge of data reporting tools and technologies such as Oracle, SQL, DB2 and Hadoop.

Business intelligence/analytics

Business intelligence specialists more or less act as a bridge between the IT department and the executive section. So, companies require candidates who can speak both the languages. They will have to understand the industry they work in and how the business flows there. With this knowledge they need to collaborate with the IT professionals to ensure that the IT projects meet the business needs and the strategic goals of the company. Certain industries such as healthcare, insurance, financial services and retail have much more value for business analysts.

Technical support

More technology needs result in the requirement of more support people. In this skill set, an attractive personality, along with a comfortable human touch is very important in order to get through to the customers. Potential and experience, both, will be held important when recruiting.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is still quite an unexplored area, which is high growing in demand for skilled professionals. High profile security breaches can affect the lives of thousands of people. More and more companies are hiring hackers to test the vulnerability of their online portals and databases, so that weak spots may be located and adequate security personnel can be hired. High demands with less number of suitable candidates may also drive up the potential salary in professions using this skill base.

Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure has been fast gaining popularity among various organisations, partially due to the rise in the number of remote employees. Companies are shifting to public cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud adoption. As such, IT professionals who are skilled at Cloud technology such as Container development, Devop experts, and those who understand both data analytics and cloudbased data storage systems, are in high demand. Docker, Rocket, Mesos, or Kubernetes skills are useful in this field.

Web development

Web and software developers, who can ensure a proper software foundation for user interfaces will be looked for, this year. Candidates skilled in languages such as Java, Java Script, PHP and Python will be preferred. Organisations are heavily dependent on their Web presence to connect to clients, customers, and employees. With high competition among various web based companies, there is constant need to be as user-friendly and updated as possible, along with being visually attractive to consumers who are shopping, gaming or using enterprise software. While most companies have already launched their websites around a decade ago, they still need constant improvements and tweaks to improve the user connectivity. Developers skilled in Content Management Systems (CMS) will also be in demand.

Mobile Engineering

More and more people all over the world are shifting to a much heavier use of mobile phones. And so, there is a growing need for skilled people who can develop the user experience for mobile phones. Mobiles are now a more popular digital platform than desktops or laptops. Consequently, cross-platform mobile development professionals will be looked for. Moreover, websites all over the world are gradually being adapted for the mobile interface, leading to a growth in the demand for mobile engineers.

By Gyan Vitaranam

Edition: 15 June, 2016 - 14 July, 2016

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