Why is it Always so Necessary to Win?

by Gyanvitaranam

It is rightly said that “Winners are not the people who never fail but people who never quit

Yet the irony lies in the fact that the world today looks with respect on only the winners. If you win, you are a game changer, else you are the crowd. For them, participation is merely a subset of winning about which the whole game is! However, if you unravel the positive side of things, you comprehend that, while winning is an achievement, participating and learning teaches one lesson, while winning is a morale boost, learning remains deep-rooted in the heart of life. So, while one is a reward, the other is the mantra to obtain that reward.

Despite this, winning marks celebration while learning brings along monotony, although both are two inseparable sides of a coin. This is exactly that moment when people start giving up which, in one way, reflects the failure of the world. Looking on the broader aspects only, you tend to comprehend that....

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