Bougainvillea: Beauty of paper petals

by C. S Anitha

Bougainvillea is an important ornamental plant grown throughout the country since many years till today adding colour and splendidness to every garden. The plant is named after the French navigator Louis Antonie de Bougainville. A native of nyctaginaceae family, the plant has its origin in tropical and subtropical parts of South America. The plant flowers abundantly during summer season. This plant is very much suitable to grow as shrub in pots or climber over walls, trellis and over roofs.

Apart from pink, white and yellow varieties a myriad of colours are available through breeding process. The main feature of these hybrid varieties are they are thornless, making them amicable for any garden lovers. The plant flowers abundantly in summer even with less water.

The real flowers of bougainvillea are small and unattractive. It is the bracts outside the small flower that are really showy and attractive. Usually three bracts are seen, but vary according to....

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