Gold and Silver Glitter: Coinage in Ancient India

by Gyanvitaranam

    The exchange of goods and items has been an essential part of trading world-over. Not only recently – the process is traced back to the Indus civilisation, i.e., the Bronze Age. Initially, the barter system was in use, where one item got exchanged for another item of need.

   Later, natural materials such as cowries, cows, etc., were used for dealings. Currency as coinage came sometime later. The enriching history that each coin holds stands as invaluable. It tells us immensely about the dynasties, the fall of crowns and new beginnings.

   This story explores the rich history of gold and silver glinting treasures in ancient Indian empires, shedding light on their role in trade, culture and the economy.

Coinage in ancient India

    The barter system was the primitive exchange method prevalent. It seemed simple enough. It was mutually beneficial as one who has one item less but something else as....

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