Swimming with Sharks

by Gyanvitaranam

Why do many people seem to have little interest in issues that directly affect them? Tell someone their money is unsafe and you have their full attention, but say the words ‘financial reforms’, and people switch off. Billions and billions have been spent to bail out the financial industry after the collapse of the American Bank Lehman Brothers in 2008, the biggest financial panic since the 1930s, yet it seemed that people hadn’t gotten any wiser. Indeed, a few years forward, the world seems to behave as if it is ‘business as usual’. Luyendijk’s book Swimming with Sharks makes us ponder how cuts hit the most vulnerable in society while bankers give themselves huge bonuses. Isn’t it incredible that we had to bail out the bankers, yet none of them have had to pay back their bonuses? How can these people live with themselves?   Luyedijk started to dig deeper into the world of finance and interviewed over 200 people who work or have....

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