Skill development: absolutely essential for better placement

by Raju Vernekar

Despite recession, there is a steady growth in job openings and there is more demand for field staff in different sectors including marketing and digital advertising in the country. However, job seekers are required to have better communication skill to prove their mettle in the cut-throat competition for better placement.

With more and more companies, especially multi-national companies, relying on aptitude test (AT) to select candidates, it is imperative that the students equip themselves with general knowledge and communication skills, while they study for their degree examinations.

Since it is difficult to deal with lakhs of candidates, AT is a better option to select the candidates. In fact the AT is “Race Against Time” since the candidates are required to answer maximum questions in short time. It seeks to test a candidate’s abilities to perform specific task and react to a range of different situations. The tests have a standardised....

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