From the Editor: October - November 2019

by H. Shaju

From a modest beginning in the 1960s, India’s space programme  has grown steadily, achieving significant milestones. These include fabrication of satellites, space launch vehicles and a range of associated capabilities. The Indian space programme is geared to the utilisation of space technology for the socio-economic development of the country.

Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai (1919-71), the renaissance man of Indian science and Founder of India’s space programme and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), dreamed of communication satellites that would educate people at a time when even a modest rocket programme seemed daring. Aptly called the ‘Father of Indian Space Programme,’ Dr. Sarabhai’s dream vision has been turning into reality over the years.

In the cover story ‘India’s leap into the Space Age’ the author narrates the legacy of Vikram Sarabhai and analyses the crucial turning points on the country’s road map to becoming a Space Power.

A man of real ability or virtue shines all the brighter when pressed with difficulties. Any student who gives up simple pleasures to focus on his studies comes outin flying colours. Itis one of the paradoxes of nature that if one wishes to increase something one must expend. The greater the difficulty and the more intense the effort required for overcoming it, the greater will be our gain in strength, reward and glory. Know more about these realities from the article ‘Nature supports sufferers,’

Every human deserves healers in his/her life and to be unheard is painful. During a communication process, we often listen to give replies or simply for the purpose of continuing the conversation with another person. How often do we really listen? Also, do you feel less heard? Less understood? And you wish for a person to vent your emotions? If so, have you ever been one for another soul? There are so many questions. And the solution is quite simple. That is proper listening. Learn more about the art of listening from the write-up ‘We need more healers… Can you be one?’

Pioneering women have shattered the glass ceiling in Science and Technology and established their presence in the field. And Dr. Tessy Thomas, a scientist at DRDO has made it possible for India to become self-reliant in the field of missile technology. Know more about this incredible woman from the article ‘Meet the missile woman of India.’

Debating effectively is an art and today’s youth need to acquire the skill of structured argumentation to clarify their thinking and make right decisions. The influential skill of debating enables the youth to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better. Model United Nations, also called Model UN or MUN is employed as a simulation and extra curricular activity in several countries in the world including India. And MUN held at the prestigious HL college of Commerce (HLCC) in Ahmedabad stands out for its planning, precision and duration of the event. Read more about this innovative approach in the feature ‘Packing off UN to campus.’

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H. Shaju

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