Education Vital to Protect the Environment

by Gyanvitaranam

  Earth is the only planet (until now), where life is sustainable. Nature’s irreplaceable five elements – air, water, fire, soil and the sky – support the circle of life from birth to death. A unique co-existence model where all living things reside simultaneously.

Living things include diverse kinds of creatures, from animals, birds, plants, algae and fungi that are visible and easily seen in nature to the innumerable micro-organisms known as archaea, bacteria, and protozoans that can be seen only with a microscope. Living things are found across the earth’s territory — on land, water, and air.

  As human inhabitants, while we live and use nature’s resources, our actions alongside impact the Earth and its other occupants. Irresponsible actions for development have led to many natural calamities and ecological imbalance. Man-made inventions have on the one-hand, made life easy.

  On the other hand,....

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