Traversing unbeaten path

by Kaushik Joshi

Even though it may fly in the face of logic, it takes a brave leap of faith to navigate career trajectory to reinvent oneself that could open up new frontiers in career building. That’s just what five twenty-something bubbly youths have done trusting their inner intuition that truly honors who you are.

Honing in on a new career direction, they have founded an independent music band called Mukt

But make no mistake. It’s not just about music and songs. Through Mukt, they seek to blend music with literature, taking you on a musical journey of works of noted writers and poets which carry meaningful messages for humanity. These works, they say, have an imprint of the society in their respective eras and influenced many generations.

The band comprises Tarun Gagdekar, 22, vocalist and guitarist, Udit Bhavsar, vocalist and guitarist, Dhaval Yadav, 22, percussionist and vocalist, Yash Joshi, 24 drummer and Daidipya Sheth, 24, bass. They have teamed....

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