A mission with passion: Glimpses into the life of Lakshmi N. Menon

by Ajith Venniyoor

Ever since the early days of India’s nationalist movement, concern of social reform remained one of the priorities in the pro-independence debates. Women’s perception around social and national question nurtured simultaneously. Both men and women were leading the social reform movements since the 1880s.

Mahatma Gandhi, during the non-cooperation movement in 1920s, successfully managed to evolve his discourse on the position of women both within and outside the sphere of home.

Many educated and elite women have emerged as leaders of the movement and played their roles with highest excellence in every field of nation building, such as empowerment of women through literacy and education, removal of social evils, promotion of swadeshi, village reconstruction, struggle for prohibition, fight against discrimination and child marriage, advocacy for widow remarriage. Lakshmi Nandan Menon (1899– 1994) was a prominent figure among them.


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