Travellers who came to India

by Gyanvitaranam


    The world was intrigued by what they came across from the exports India like clothes, spices, metals and knowledge. Hiuen Tsang A Chinese traveller in search of Buddhist knowledge. He quietly moved out from China when he did not get the person to come to India from the Chinese emperor in 629 AD. He came to India from 635 to 664 AD during the reign of King Harsha Vardhan to get information about Buddhist scriptures.

     Harshavardhan converted to Buddhism under HiuenTsang. He also gathered information about the various religious, political and social institutions in India. He traveled to different parts of India like Kashmir, Punjab, Orissa, Bengal, and Deccan including Sarnath, Lumbini, Kushinagara, Varanasi, Vaishali, Patliputra, Bodh-Gaya and Kapilavastu. He also stayed back to study in the University of Nalanda. His stay extended for 14 years. He is said to have visited the Champa Monastery in Bhagalpur. He wrote the book....

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