The Contradictions

by Gyanvitaranam

    Man is full of contradictions. His thoughts, emotions, feelings, aspirations, desires, dreams, wants, beliefs, expectations all collide and pull him in different directions. His mind is a cauldron. There is chaos. He wants perfection. But there is no will to act towards the goal. He falters. He is a failure in his own eyes.

   This hampers his further work. We read about Arjuna’s dilemma in the battlefield. He was preparing himself for this historic battle for several years. He wanted revenge. But at the crucial moment he used a different logic to avoid it. He talked about ahimsa and family ties.

   This is an extreme example. Our dilemmas are different in content and character. There is always a gap between the efforts required to reach the goal and the willingness to devote time and our ability to sacrifice our present comforts. To pass the NEET or GATE or Civil Services examinations requires enormous sacrifices and hard....

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