Divyanshu Ganatra: India’s first differentlyabled paraglider

by R. Raghunandan

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Someone who dares to defy and live beyond his/her circumstances. But some dreamers dare to dream beyond seemingly impossible barriers.

When Divyanshu Ganatra, India’s first differently-abled solo paraglider, lost his eyesight to glaucoma at the age of 19, he didn’t give up. He had a dream to fly and take over the skies — so he did. And he started with a smile. In a country that considers disability a bane, Divyanshu found himself faced with stigma and stereotypes surrounding his future. He was told he won’t succeed. But Divyanshu followed his simple philosophy — when you smile, your problem’s solved!

Despite being visually impaired, Divyanshu never gave up on his dream. He stood tall against all the obstacles that life threw at him. Today he’s making India proud by being the first differently-abled solo paragliding pilot in the country. And that’s not it. He’s a....

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