Judging others...

by Neha Sharma

We human beings are social animals and hence have to deal with so many other people in our day to day life. Not only personal but our professional life also needs us to be more understanding and comprehensive in our approach. This complex interaction with various other humans needs to be mastered, so that the interplay of situations does not cause a whole lot of friction between two people. But alas, not many can claim to have frictionless relationships. Is there a way we can create relations the way they are meant to be? Or are we doomed to endure a never ending cycle of conflict and friction in our day to day life? To get an answer to these complex and very relevant questions, that can have such a huge impact on our state of mind, we need to analyse our own behaviour for starters.

Have you ever noticed that many times through our lives we tend to be judgemental? Yes, we all tend to judge others. Knowingly or unknowingly this tendency can creep into our behaviour during....

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