by Gyanvitaranam

  When I think of my boyhood or even later, I do not remember having heard the word: boring or boredom. Nowadays even boys aged 5 or 6 talks in terms of boredom. Everything is boring to the young: school, sports, home, books, studies, cinema, etc. They are growing up so fast that they see stagnation around them. They want perpetual and continuous excitement and activities which will keep them busy and engaged. These activities, they expect to keep on changing to satisfy their momentary fantasies and changing moods. We have on our residential complex a dozen youngsters who go on changing the play they are engaged, every few minutes. Cycling, cricket, hide and seek, throw ball, tops, cards, hopping, trade, etc. After a few minutes they will sit and talk and start all over again. The bats, balls, cards, cycles are left abandoned, which lie uncared for, for many days. The pandemic and the loss of school and friends had worsened the situation. They are bored to death. With parents....

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