Luck, good and bad

by Gyanvitaranam

   How many of us believe in luck? Almost all, at one time or another, believe in luck – good or bad. It gives us hope, satisfaction, comfort, confidence.

  Whenever we are not able to explain any event or result, we call it luck. It is not a compliment to say ‘he was lucky’. It is almost an insult. Many insinuations are implied behind such a statement. ‘He did not deserve it’. ‘He did not work for it’. ‘He adopted unfair means’.

As a rational being we want to know the cause, why and how and where. But there are no satisfactory answers and still we name the unknown intermediate mysterious X factor as luck.

Many of our plans, calculations, expectations flounder because of some unanticipated unpredictable sudden developments. The best teams lose and victory embraces the unexpected.

  What is the reality? No one knows what is the truth. People may call it divine....

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