Saadat Hasan Manto

by Gyanvitaranam

Manto lived in a time where pity and selflessness was kept at a bay as most of the people cared more about protecting themselves.

    Saadat Hasan Manto (11th May, 1912 – 19th January, 1955) will remain immortalized due to his contribution in the field of Urdu literature. He is known for creating restless characters who were not ready to accept the status quo and refuse to fit in the social framework.

   His characters driven by sudden flash of lightning set out to face the reality outside their closed world bought them in direct conflict with the social standard of property or the social perspective of human freedom because society is ‘a system of control of human behaviour and of liberties.’Partition of India in 1947 had such a deep impact on him that he repeatedly and strongly presented in his works the horrific details of bloodshed, loot, rape and molestation that happened during partition when a sea of humanity was....

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