Lt. Gen. Sagat Singh The unsung hero of Bangladesh Liberation War

by Gyanvitaranam

  Fifty years ago in the cold month of December over 3500 brave Indian soldiers captured 93,000 Pakistani prisoners who were made prisoners of war during the Indo-Pakistan war in 1971, which resulted in the birth of a new nation in 14 days of a multi front military engagement. Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw with a bold Prime Minister Indira Gandhi backing him crafted the victory that became folklore.

  Lt. Gen. Sagat Singh was an unknown hero of that war who was instrumental in the fall of Dhaka.Lt Gen Sagat Singh was the General Officer Commanding of Tezpur (Assam) based 4 Corps and it was he who despite getting injured by the machine-gun fire successfully conducted the daring hitherto un known night-time heliborne operations over the rivers and the treacherous terrain which made the fall of Dhaka so quickly and decisively leading to the historic surrender of the 93,000 Pakistani soldiers at the Dhaka Race Course.

  “Lt. Gen. Sagat joined the....

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