Mastering the art of self reflection

by Minu Nandakumar

Experiences are our biggest teacher. But really? The truth is that we can’t learn from our experiences we don’t take effort to analyze and understand them. Learnings do not come out of just doing things, but also from thinking or rather reflecting about what you are doing.

“Reflection is a generic term for those intellectual and affective activities in which individuals engage to explore their experiences, to lead to a new understanding and appreciation.” — Boud, Keough, & Walker, 1985.

It is important to reflect to make the most of our experiences, regardless of the field. Also, there isn’t a reason to limit reflection to just personal or professional experiences. Being a reflective practitioner is a skill that will undoubtedly help students. By expanding the understanding of our experiences we will be able to predict outcomes or problem-solve more effectively. We need to reflect on both our successes and failures.....

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