Your Subconscious: just a thought that can be changed

by Khushboo Sharma Kaushik

The major problem with humans is, that they are aware of their conscious behaviours, but not of their subconscious behaviours, beliefs and pattern of living.

In fact, depending upon the handling capacity of an individual, there are some people who actually make dedicated efforts to achieve their goals but things for them do not work out and they eventually end up saying, “Where am I exactly wrong?”, “What sins have I done?”, “My life is stuck!”, “I have nothing left.”

These phrases are very common and we keep on hearing these every now and then, but like with every article, we are here to give you a solution and not worsen your mental problems more by asking, “What is wrong with you?”

So, here we are going to talk about what most people are not aware of, that is our ‘subconscious mind’. Well, how does subconscious mind operate and why is it even significant to know about it? For....

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