How to love yourself

by Devika

Self-love is vital, and one of the best things you can do to yourself. If you love yourself, you will be more confident and feel more positive. However, many people still live in the darkness of selfdoubt, lack of self-worth and unhappiness. People who love themselves don’t compare themselves with others and don’t doubt their abilities. This article discusses the process of developing self-love.

Have fun by yourself

Solitude is vital sometimes. You need some time with yourself to do something fun and enjoy your own company. The best way you can do this is by traveling alone at least once a year. There is no better self-love experience than traveling alone. You can also surprise yourself by doing new, adventurous things. Giving yourself a break is also important. You might have a chaotic life in which you are caught between work and family. Take out a few minutes from your day to relax. You can also do meditation, a very effective practice to induce self-love.

Take care of yourself

Consider yourself as your own baby. We all make mistakes in our lives, but it is important to forgive yourself. Forgetting your past is the beginning of a bright future. Also, start saying “no” to others. Many of us are caught in a trap of pleasing people instead of themselves. You should start thinking more about yourself, and not saying “yes” to everything people ask from you. You should also learn to give credit to yourself. Start celebrating your achievements, even the smallest of them.

Moreover, start trusting your own instincts. Instead of listening to others about what you do, listen to your gut because only you know what is best for you. You can also start a journal to write down certain thoughts and feelings. Documenting your experiences is a great way to get rid of negativity and focus on positive things.

Start challenging yourself

Start a vision board to note down the goals that help you stay motivated. Start pursuing new interests. If you like to paint, sing, dance, etc., just get into it. Apart from your work, you need to develop hobbies that make you creative and keep you entertained. This way, you can also challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to learn to play the piano in sixty days. After accomplishing the task, reward yourself. Moreover, make a list of your accomplishments. This helps you feel good and increases self-esteem and self-confidence.

Why is self-love important?

  1. Have you ever said ‘yes’ when you actually meant ‘no’?
  2. Do you neglect self-care?
  3. Can you put yourself first in every situation?

Self-love is the key to live a contended and fulfilled life because your inner Self takes part in creating your external world. You need to respect and love yourself before you expect others to love and respect you.

Decisions taken out of guilt, obligation, avoidance of conflict or to please others make you overvalue other people’s needs which means you are disrespectful to your own needs. It does not make you feel good about yourself.

Often, people equate selflove with selfishness, which is wrong. This limitation in your thought process hampers you from taking care of yourself. Instead, think and repeat that it is fine to keep yourself first. Self-love feeds your soul and helps you become the best version of you.

Self-love helps you to draw the line in relationships

Setting clear boundaries are essential to foster healthy relationships. It helps communicate that you value yourself and understand your role in the specific relationship. Self-love also helps you set the tone for relationships with others. Treating yourself with respect inspires others to treat you the same way. It helps you understand the core of your existence and you accept your strengths and weaknesses in an equal breadth.

Accepting the natural flow of events is a key contributor to success in life. Self love and self-acceptance help you achieve happiness, success and prosperity in its true sense in all aspects of your life.

Quoting Maya Angelou: “I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.”

Self-love helps develop patience and confidence

Self-love gives personal strength which infuses confidence and helps you trust your capabilities. You remain authentic forever and do not care about what other people think about you. Once you attain this power of self-love, it is impossible to get influenced by others.

Many people argue that self-love makes you a narcissist. Not at all. Self-love means that you accept the fact that you deserve compassion, kindness and understand yourself completely.

You realize that none of us are perfect and are always in the work-in-progress mode. It makes you patient and you are ready to give yourself enough time to shine and bloom in your own light. It is a space where you don’t judge yourself and meaningfully say ‘I am enough’. Are you up for this challenge and ready to love yourself every day?

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