For the betterment of Earth, no humans please!

by Gaurav Goswami

You may have heard that we are in the middle of an environmental crisis; climate change, oil spills, dead zones, garbage patches, meltdowns, mass extinction, among other factors that are harming our planet: sadly all these problems are true, and the root causes are ‘us’, and ‘our selfish needs’ and ‘ our never-ending cravings.

The status quo

The scientists of the world are warning us that if we continue as human race and what we are doing, the result will be that very soon 2/3rd of the wild life of Earth will be destroyed. Every day we are faced with choices as individuals; what to eat, what to wear, how to get to school/office, etc., and it is these innocuous looking decisions that impacts our biodiversity; i.e., the variety of life on Earth. No other living creature does what we humans are doing. We are literally destroying everything around us; destroying the air we breathe, destroying the water that we drink, and destroying....

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