Champaran to Quit India

by Gyanvitaranam

India’s struggle for independence was witness to a series of historic events and non-violent protests with the ultimate aim of ending British rule in India. It was one of the greatest liberation movements modern time has ever seen against imperialism and colonisation.

It is solidly accepted that Mahatma Gandhi played a major, vital and crucial role in keeping the Indian national movement first and foremost non-violent. His policies and agendas were non-violent and his words were the source of inspiration for those who believe in the ideology of truth, peace, tolerance and social justice.

Gandhi launched a few mass movements to fight for the country’s freedom, from the Champaran Satyagraha to the Quit India Movement.

Each of these Satyagrahas had produced new leaders and initiatives in different parts of India.

Let’s have a quick look at Mahatma Gandhi’s famous Satyagrahas and their contributions to the Indian freedom....

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