Will travel for music? The most exotic and authentic music festivals in India

by R. Raghunandan

Driven by a young and dynamic crowd of art and culture enthusiasts, India is emerging as a highly promising destination for several exciting entertainments events and music festivals. The country’s music, dance, and visual arts are as diverse as its landscapes, influenced heavily by the traditions and customs of the lands they originate from. Music festivals are magical, combine them with an exciting travel experience and you have the best holiday package. Music festivals are getting bigger and better. From lit up stages, campsites in the lap of nature, jamming sessions in the midst of a desert to adventure sports, these festivals have everything that makes for a perfect getaway. So, don’t miss the chance of catching your favourite artists perform in the most beautiful settings. We’ve listed some of the most exotic and authentic music festivals.

Sunburn – Pune

Sunburn is a commercial EDM (electronic dance music) Festival now held in the....

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