Women are Powerless Unless…

by Gyanvitaranam

    Women, the weaker sex are also the fairer sex. Women are meant to be softer in their disposition, taking up the socalled lighter jobs than what the men are known for doing. Yet most women are seen filling up the gaps, that many times the capable men back off from doing.

   Today, the world is witnessing an increasing number of working single moms, who are so far more or less successful. However, that does not ensure that these single women have no wars to fight. Rather they are facing innumerable challenges at known and unknown places, sometimes finding no manly shoulder to lean upon. They still feel powerless at times, when their new job hunt becomes utterly challenging, or the work atmosphere suddenly becomes different as soon as she is found single.

     Even to find rent accommodation, a single woman will have to pass through an unpredictably long thorny route. But things are surely changing for the better, even though....

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