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Gyan Vitaranam is committed at empowering the young nation by providing the right knowledge in the truest form. We believe that only by investing on the younger generation our country can cherish. We bring you in-depth knowledge ranging from social and economic affairs to nature, culture and media. Apart from knowledge, information on various scholarship and career opportunities are also included in the magazine to further help the youth.

In a world where digital media answers every quest comes up, the authenticity of the information remains under the shadow. It is there Gyan Vitaranam stand unique as every piece of information we provide are authentic and from talented & passionate writers. We serve as a reliable source who is behind nothing but the knowledge to empower themselves and the country.


Our mission is to create a group of competent young talents enriched with enough knowledge to lead the nation and the world.


Lack of appropriate knowledge is the key factor which is deteriorating our youth’s future. Gyan Vitaranam is after this ill factor to show the right path for our youth and the nation

Why Gyan Vitaranam?

Each of our monthly, knowledge-packed magazine editions come with a broad variety of topics included, along with information on various career and scholarships. We cover almost every topic concerning its recent updations happening around and to deliver it to every subscriber through our magazine’s print and digital edition. Apart from other magazines, Gyan Vitaranam differentiates itself as a youth-oriented knowledge magazine to the upliftment of the same and the country. The magazine delivers its content to the reader in the simplest form and language for better understanding.


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