The walhalla of technology induced career options in the 21st century

by Shreeprakash Sharma

Unlike rest of her friends, no sooner did Aditi pass her plus two examinations from one of the prestigious schools of her metropolitan home city, than the critical question of choosing a lucrative and promising career started to haunt her. However, her parents did not press her for their own choice. They gave her absolute freedom to rationally move ahead with the course of her choice and calibre. Finding herself at the steering wheel position, she decided to go for B.Tech in computer science from a pretty good college. After the completion of the B.Tech, she went for specialization in software, programming language and multi-media. On the eve of the course, one of the key foreign placement agencies hired her for the post of Manager of Human Resources with beautiful pay package and lucrative perks. The responsibilities she was shouldered with included, among others, providing training to the newly- recruited graduates to develop different apps and programs for the computer and other....

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