I choose self-esteem, Not self-pity. I choose to listen to my Inner voice, Not the random opinions of others.” What we choose, we become. We have choices at every step of our lives and at every moment.

Similarly, my neighbour’s daughter is facing difficulty in choosing her future husband. There are pluses and minuses.

It is not about courses of studies, universities or bikes and cars or dresses or homes alone. Our choices extend to our philosophy of life, like what to do, which path to choose, whom to vote and a hundred other choices which we confront every day.

Not always do we have a choice. On many occasions, choices are made by others for us, – by our parents or our bosses, by government policies. We face a dead end, a oneway, with a few cards in our hands. Our choice is limited; accept or reject; no third option.

We are not concerned about such situations where something is thrust upon us. We may turn the bad situation....

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