Chronic diseases are a huge world-wide problem. Twice as many people die from them as die from infectious diseases. The World Health Organisation states that an improved diet is one of the major changes that can be made to help prevent these diseases. There are strong grounds for thinking that diets that include foods rich in anthocyanin and other antioxidants can contribute to reduced incidence of chronic disease.

Oxidising chemicals in the body can affect the cell signalling system, causing disease. The right phytonutrients can combat this effect, and not simply through their antioxidant properties. They can affect the activities of a wide spectrum of cellular targets, including key enzymes and membrane and nuclear receptors.

Purple tomatoes taste just like tomatoes and have a longer shelf-life as compared to red tomatoes. These tomatoes are rich in anthocyanins and antioxidants, and will soon become the superfood that we have been looking for, as the study....

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