There is a close connection between young people and science, technology and innovations. Young people are not just the consumers of new applications, they are the innovators and they are the people that are paving the way for more innovations to come. In this edition of GYAN Vitaranam, we are pleased to share the story of two young innovators who built the Stretch-limousine electric bike and Gravity bike.

Ashhad Abdullah: inventor of the stretch-limousine electric bike

The Chinese often get a lot of credit for some of the more wacky vehicles popping up on Alibaba, but India usually takes the cake with some of the coolest auto and motorcycle innovation on the planet. And that’s exactly where this impressive six-seater bike comes from, where it was hand-built by Ashhad Abdullah from Lohra in eastern India.

Instead of a three-seater, Abdullah doubled the capacity to six seats. His stretch-limousine electric bike looks like it has a scooter fork in....

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