Ema had always been a confident and independent woman who had a successful career and a loving family by her side. But things changed soon after she married Rubel. At first, she found it innocent enough for Rubel to question her memory and perception, but as time went on; she understood that he was deliberately trying to manipulate her.

  Whenever Ema disagreed with Rubel, he would tell her she was wrong and that she must have misunderstood the situation. He would frequently bring up past events, insisting that she had misre- membered them. Slowly, Ema started questioning her own judgment and memory, wondering if she really was losing her mind.

  It was not only Rubel who was manipulating her; even Ema’s in laws created the scenarios wherein she started doubting her own behaviour instead of others.

  As time went on, Ema became increasingly isolated. She had lost touch with her friends and family, and her self-confidence had....

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