About a century back, only the affluent people could own horses, but ordinary people had to walk to their destinations. Anyway, in both situations, the person concerned was compelled to do some physical work: riding or walking. This kept them slim, trim, and healthy. In addition, in those days there was no fast food, no junk food, and no high-calorie fatty food which nowadays are just a phone call away. In short, the modern lifestyle has given rise to a modern epidemic: Obesity. And it is in our making and it is very much preventable. Of course, if we want to prevent it!

  Obesity is the generalized accumulation of excess fat in the body. But why is it so, let’s understand. Carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and protein stores in our body are limited, whereas, increased fat intake does not stimulate fat oxidation and therefore results in positive fat balance which causes obesity. Fatty food is generally more palatable and hence the tendency to....

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