Life was as daunting as ever for women in India 100 years back. But there were some women who, with their steely determination, fortitude and patience, could face seemingly insurmountable challenges and change their dramatic struggles into what can be called fuel to spur their personal greatness for the societal good.

  Asopalav Nidhi, Ahmedabad based not-for-profit organisation run by the illustrious Sarabhai family, shone a light on about 40 such women of substance who chose to swim against the currents of social prejudices and patriarchy to achieve a fair deal for women.

  Those were the times when educating women was thought to bring bad luck, the age of marriage was under nine and life for widows was hellish.

  The exhibit titled Changemakers: The Extraordinary Lives of Ordinary Women in the Bombay Presidency, was brought to Ahmedabad by Asopalav Nidhi in the memory of the late Gira Sarabhai, who was an architect, designer....

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