Anna Luísa Bessera Santos (Salvador, September 24, 1997) is a Brazilian environmental entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Safe Drinking Water for All (SDW for all), a filtering system to disinfect rainwater collected in cisterns.

She received the award “Young Champions of the Earth” from the United Nations Environment Programme in 2019, being until now the only Brazilian to receive the prize. Shell Company awarded her a prize in their LiveWIRE programme, in the category “Local prosperity” for her work on SDW. Anna Luísa is also a Fellow at the international organization Young Water Solutions.

Early life and education

When she was 15 years old, Anna Luísa developed a product known as Aqualuz, a solar water disinfection filtering system. Her mentor encouraged her to launch a social entrepreneurship around the product. Her business is trying to bring water to some of the most dry areas of Brazil. SDW....

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