For the first time in history, artificial intelligence (AI) has started to offer an unprecedented array of services to humans. However, there is a growing concern that AI-based systems may soon learn more than humans and even dominate them. Pioneers of AI today have called for speed limits to slow down the hectic pace of development so as to ensure ultimate control in human hands.

  In the United States, known for its belief in free enterprise for innovators unhindered by state control, something unusual happened recently. The founder of OpenAI, the startup which developed and released the revolutionary chat bot, based on artificial intelligence, called for regulations on its development.

  In a rare testimony in the U.S. Senate, Sam Altman, made an eloquent plea for regulations on the very development of chat bot models, including his own, which has made history by enlisting millions of users for his system, ChatGPT (which stands for Chat....

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