The itinerant French photographer and photo journalist Frederick Noy has come to Ahmedabad to spend some time working on photo-stories that matter and make sense.

  Noy isn’t Just another photographer I met at the French gallery in Ahmedabad. Gregarious and affable, Noy is in love with people and places and has a documentary approach to photography.

  He says he is a proponent of what is called slow journalism and is intrigued by anything that has to do with people and their concerns. And this brought him the Visa D’Or Magazine, 2019 award for his environmental photography on the worsening state of Lake Victoria in East Africa.

  Noy was earlier based in Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, Chad, Uganda and Kazakhstan. And his photographic stories border on the news, some even unexpected stories of interest or on the existence of populations that are socially excluded, stigmatised or caught up in the gear of conflicts or the....

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