Whenever we hear the word, 'youth', a broad spectrum of visuals clouds our minds. It’s a feeling itself and a         compliment as well. 'Cheerful', 'active,' 'energetic,' 'impulsive' are a few words which describe youth. It is accentuated by the qualities it is known by. A vital stage to be in – it is a transitory period between childhood and adulthood.


  As it is a transitional stage, youngsters tread in both the worlds of children and adults. Immature as well as mature; expectant to be obedient as a child but mature in many other matters. This maturity is cherished as the youth’s voice. The vibrancy in their ideas is recognised by several individuals. That is where the foundation of youth power is laid.

The wonders youth can create!

  The youth does create wonders when their free-flow of energy is diverted towards....

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