In this age of technology and digital entertainment, there are still a few families who passionately preserve ancient art forms. One such family is that of the Rangaputhalli Puppeteers, the custodians of the captivating art of wooden puppetry. The author was recently in conversation with M.R. Srinivas, the proprietor of Rangaputhalli Puppeteers, as he took her on a mesmerizing journey through the history and significance of this age-old tradition.

  The timeless art form

    Rangaputhalli has been preserving the ancient art of wooden puppetry which transcends mere entertainment and serves as a tool for education and cultural preservation.

  With a history dating back nearly 4,000 years, the art form of puppetry as a means of edutainment has graced the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana, capturing the imagination of generations. India boasts of four major forms of puppetry: rod puppetry, string puppetry, leather puppetry,....

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