For anybody who has a green thumb but no space, terrariums are a good option. Terrariums are nothing but bottle gardens that can be placed anywhere be it on tabletop or any workspace. Terrariums in its modern sense are miniature worlds contained in beautiful transparent glass containers.

The concept, however, was accidentally invented in 1827 by Dr. Nathaniel Ward which later led to the famous “Fern case”/Wardian case”. These wardian cases were considered both prestigious and indispensable in rich Victorian houses at that time. But with time, its importance faded away. Luckily it has made a strong comeback but in this modern era it has diversified in its concept to fit into any home, office or in any nook and cranny for that matter.

How does it work

Terrariums can be considered as more or less a self-sustaining ecosystem. It is a transparent environment into which sunlight penetrate indirectly causing the entrapped water molecules....

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