Summer is exhausting and a thirsty time. Everyone wants to remain cool and wants to relax with a cool drink that will quench your thirst. However, I have come across any people who say if you are feeling hot drink tea. It cools the body faster and has a better effect than cold drinks.

  A study has concluded that when the conditions are right, when sweat can evaporate fully, the body cools faster because of more sweat from drinking a warm drink rather than a cold drink. (Mentioned in Acta Physiologica, 2012).

  In fact, there are many traditions around the world for having hot tea in summer. It is found in India, in all the Arab countries, which are arid and dry, in European countries like the UK. However, a hot drink will reduce your body temperature if you live in a tropical region.

  However, it will not help on humid days and if you are wearing too many clothes, because when you sweat it will not evaporate. Those that have....

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