A sweet melody which soothes our soul, manages to pull our heartstrings effortlessly, diverts our chaotic minds in this bewildering world is none other than music. Music is a topic which is widely talked about. It is an emotion which goes with the flow. Whether you are sad, happy or finding a way out, music is indeed the friend you need. It has changed its formas time has rolled by but the essence remains. Today's generation is equally keen on the effect music has on one.

  The effect of music has mostly stayed the same even though the forms are diverse to venture into. Teenagers have been influenced by Western and East Asian culture due to globalisation. The way teens perceive this art form as a medium of speech is striking too! It is a tool meant to empower you and the surroundings.

Music as a platform for self-expression

  Youth power is inspiring. With boldness equipped with knowledge, they know how to use the resources they....

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