The most priceless asset in this world is knowledge. “Vidyadhanam sarvadhanath pradhanam.” Students are our future. So, it is pertinent to understand the value of education and give them the best possible education. That helps people find their own disha in life.

  The state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) has long been the centre of India’s knowledge, science and spirituality, and the focal point of education and health since ancient times. But for a long stretch, UP’s education system was in a state of disarray. The education business was dominated by felonious syndicates and fraud gangs. From elementary school to the top exams, these syndicates controlled the whole system.

  Due to public apathy, even now, many public schools are run inefficiently. Privately run schools are functional, but expensive and so beyond the reach of ordinary people.

  In a bid to cleanse the scenario and invigorate the education system....

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