Two-Wheeler have long been a cornerstone of life in India — their smaller size and affordability make these traditionally gas and diesel-powered vehicles a go-to means of navigating the traffic-jammed streets of the country’s most populous cities.

  Now, a new startup called River Mobility has launched an electric two-wheeler scooter Indie - and accompanying subscription services - designed to appeal to modern-day consumers looking for an affordable, yet stylish, vehicle that can be used for work, play and every task in between.

  River, founded in late 2020 by Aravind Mani and Vipin George with $2 million in backing from Maniv Mobility and TrucksVC, has grown to 42 people in its short life. Its small and growing team, who hail from companies like Ather, Arai, Bosch, Honda, Ultraviolette and Vespa, have devel oped a prototype vehicle that will be unveiled to consumers later this year.

 Both founders also have....

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