This is a well-known concept. We see only what we want to see. We believe in what we are told to believe. We wear blinkers, filters or dark glasses which distort our vision. We are not always rational.

  If we make a mistake, in addition, we make the mistake in our favour. We think we are not biased. We think we are honest. We are very strict in judging others and very liberal in judging ourselves. The subjective element is predominant.

  We look at the world through the prism of our likes and dislikes, prejudices, biases which stand in our way of seeing the reality. Our fears, apprehensions, expectations, desires, needs and wants change the world we look at. If we see the dark side, the world is a horrible place to live.

  If we see the bright side, the world is full of beauty and hope. The world is neither good nor bad. The water level in the glass is the same. But our vision is blurred or biased.


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