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  The conjunctiva of our eye is a translucent membrane that covers the anterior part of the eyeball up to the margin of the cornea called the bulbar conjunctiva and laterally the peripheral part is reflected to cover the inner aspect of the eyelid known as palpebral conjunctiva. The cornea is the transparent central area of the eye through which we see; the conjunctiva is supplied by its blood supply, nerve supply, and lymphatics.

  The conjunctiva is practically never free from bacteria but they are mostly non-pathogens and may be normally present. The mechanical action of the eyelids, tear drainage system, blood supply, and relatively low temperature due to the constant evaporation of the tears make the conjunctiva unsuitable for the propagation of organisms.

  Tears contain lysozymes, β-lysins, and Immunoglobulins which all inhibit bacterial growth. However, because of exposure to all types of....

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