Periwinkle, scientifically known as Catharanthus roseus, a wild endangered plant generally grown as ornamental plant in homestead. is found to have immense ethnomedicinal value and is proved by recent scientific research held all over the world. From the family of Apocynaceae, the plant has its nativity spread in Europe, Africa and Asia.The plant usually grows as an erect bushy perennial shrub, naturally growing to a height of 1m.

  The glossy green leaves with white, rosy pink colour flowers makes the plant attractive and showy on any platform.The plant is highly hardy in nature and, as an ornamental plant, it is generally grown in pots, rockery, garden beds and as fillers in almost all landscapes.The plant flowers round the year with a mass effect which makes it a popular ornamental plant.

  In traditional medicine, the extracts of root and shoot are used as a remedy against several diseases, like diabetes, malaria, etc. More than 100....

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