Have you ever pondered, on what basis we analyse ourselves and others? Well, it is shaped by our self-knowledge, which in fact is developed from the ways we think and perceive. So, it is the mindset. Our mindset usually expresses an inclination and it is evident as we are disposed to be associated with things we like. We can very well recognize this disposition from many things we ignore, avoid or reject that we do not appreciate.

Attitude – the Prologue

This disposition, in an individual, can be the cumulative effect of many influencing factors over a period of time. When we do a self-retrospection, then we are verily turning our attention to our attitudes.

Attitude is the disposition and feeling about a person/ thing/ situation/ tendency/ or orientation, especially in the mind. Attitudes play a pivotal role in shaping human behaviour, from the choices people make about living their lives to the health behaviours they engage in daily.....

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