The high-level drama that unfolded Altman’s abrupt dismissal, and the play of people’s power as nearly all the employees threated to resign resulting in the return of Altman as CEO have underlined the need for a strong and efficient structure for the company with goals to benefit humanity. This has been highlighted by Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO who played a key role in the events. And Vinod Khosla, a veteran investor, has stressed the need to be positive about the benefits of AI.

    Meanwhile, technology has moved on. OpenAI’s rival Anthropic has launched Claude 2.1with its ‘context window’ of 200,000 ‘tokens’. (Tokens are chunks of text to organise information, and a context window is the set limit of tokens it can parse in a single request.) The company said version 2.1 also halves Claude’s ‘hallucination’ ( wrong answer) rate, leading to fewer errors


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