“Be Prepared” is the motto of Scout movement. The boys and girls are trained to be prepared for any and every contingency, emergency and eventuality. They are trained to put up tents, communicate by Morse and semaphor signals, cook, trek; they are trained in first aid, swimming and many other activities.

    They are trained to enjoy the night sky and name the various constellations, to understand and know about the habits of birds and animals. They are also told how to spend the leisure time usefully. These activities result in self-discipline and self-reliance.

    As a Scout and a Rover, I enjoyed the outdoor life in tents, in faraway orchards. It was fun with serious learning. We were given two matchsticks to start a fire with twigs, sticks and leaves; it was in the open space, mind it.

   This motto may be useful for all in this uncertain world. We have to be prepared for the worst at every....

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