“Health is wealth” – an old adage. But we live in an age of contradictions: People live longer, younger, that is, the average age a person lived has gone up and people are hale and healthy even at the age of eighty, and at the same time early, untimely deaths have also gone up.

      In the olden days people died of hunger, during severe famine. They died of diseases like Cholera, Small Pox, Plague, etc. These diseases have almost been eliminated. Malaria is no more a killer. But TB still persists. People died in hundreds and thousands as these deadly diseases were transmitted from person to person. Lack of awareness and poor medical facilities added to the horror. Many died during the Covid pandemic but many survived by taking simple precautions like washing hands and wearing masks.

     Old diseases have given place to new ones. They are euphemistically called “lifestyle diseases”....

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